Friday, March 16, 2012

We're Going to Tree Hill

Our next class field trip will be on April 24th. We will be going to Tree Hill in Jacksonville. Tree Hill provides environmental awareness through educational programs and access to natural areas. Students will experience nature walks to investigate different types of plants and animals, as well as take part of small group lessons.
The cost for this field trip is $13.00 per student. Unfortunately, Tree Hill limits the number of chaperones allowed on the trip. We will not be able to take parent chaperones on this trip. All money and permission slips are due back to school by Monday, April 16th.

Students should wear their blue Chets Creek t-shirt, wear sneakers, weather-appropriate clothes, and pack a lunch in a disposable bag. Students will be outside, so please wear clothes that are conducive to being outside (no fancy clothes please!) :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Amazing Body Systems

Hello my name is Nidhi I will teach you about the systems today.It is important to know about it.Did you know that you have 6 important systems in your body? Well you do! There is a main task for each system.
The first body system is the Respiratory system. The Respiratory system’s most important task is providing oxygen to the entire body. When the lungs contract and relax they take in oxygen and excrete carbon dioxide back through the system and out through the nose or mouth.

The second body system is the skeletal system, it’s main task is maintaining the shape of the body with bones and joints. The skeletal system includes bones, ligaments, tendons and joints. Important nutrients such as calcium are stored in bones. WOW!

The third system is the Muscular system, it’s main task is to make sure all the muscles are activated in every body movement including pumping the heart ,smiling and moving bones. The heart is made up several muscles called cardiac muscle. Did you know that? The fourth system is the nervous system. It’s responsibility is to transport all kinds of messages from one part of the body to another especially to and from the brain. Some of the key components of this system include the brain,spinal cord,nerves and neorons.The comunication is rapid and leads to the brain relising chemichals in response to the pain. The fifth system is the Digestive system. It includes the mouth,esophagus,stomach.small intenstine,large intenstine(colan), rectum and anus.The main task is to allow organs to pass through and be broken down or absorbed.Once the food are digested they are excreated through bowel movements or urination. The sixth system is the circulatory system.It includes the heart,lungs and the blood vessals.It’s main task is to rest the body to receive oxygen.The heart pumps blood through the blood through the blood vessals and the lungs absorbed oxygen and emit it to the blood. These are the 6 amazing systems!.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Spelling City: Homophones

This week, we will be studying homophones for our spelling words. Homophones are words that sound the same, but have a different spelling and meaning. For example, the words "great" and "grate" are homophones. Although they sound the same, they have different meanings. "You look great!" is not the same meaning as "Where is the grate for the barbeque?" For a fun video about homophones with singer Brian McKnight, please follow the link below:

Need help studying your spelling words? We have the perfect site for you! VocabularySpellingCity is a website that helps students learn their weekly spelling and vocabulary words while having fun at the same time. The site will teach you the words and has many games that you can play to help you learn them. This week you will need to make sure to identify between the two meanings of the word. For the test, we will give you the word, and a sentence with the word in it. You will have to decide which spelling you will need to write down. Good luck, and have fun studying!