Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Needs vs. Wants

 Today, students were treated to a presentation by one of our very own parents Mrs. Hendry.  Students learned all about needs and wants. Needs are things that people need to survive such as food, water, shelter and clothes.  Wants are things that might make our lives more fun but wants are not necessary to live.  Some examples of wants are big screen televisions, iPods or video games.  Students also learned about budgets. Budgets are plans that help us save money.  We also learned about trade offs.  For example, sometimes you might choose to do without something now, in order to save for something that you might buy in the future.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit Hands On Banking or  

What are some examples of wants or needs that you have? Leave us a comment!

Thanks again to Mrs. Hendry for helping us meet our Social Studies standards about economics! 


  1. My wants and needs are: I I-pod touch
    I, teachers & friends

  2. I need food to survive I want an iphone.From Abby

  3. Thank you to Mrs. Hendry for taking the time to speak to the kids about wants and needs. We are so fortunate to be in such a great class. It is amazing how much Nick is learning and experiencing. Thank you to the Solar Team!