Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our Prelude Concert with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra this week was outstanding. The program master of ceremonies was Tony Kamnikar who did an exceptional job and the orchestra played many songs that were familiar to the students. During the program, you could hear students voices singing along with the songs. One of their favorites was the playing of Pirates of the Caribbean.  

This year's program was in partnership with the Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall (New York City). They also provided students with the "Link Up" booklets free of charge. Furthermore, the Symphony was underwritten by the Weaver Family Foundation and DCPS Music Departments covered the transportation costs.  

The concert was enriching and one that our students enjoyed. Ask your child to share their favorite part of the experience.  


  1. I loved going there

    love jordan

  2. I wish I could have came! I love instruments!